Call for Conference paper

Global Scholarly Communication Online Press invites Special issue from the National Conference, International Conference conducted by colleges, University etc. in its affiliated leading journals. It is the platform for college, university etc. to share the knowledge.

GSC Online Press journals publish special issues to focus on unique aspects of research that advance our understanding on ongoing research. The major aim of the special issues is to expand the scope of subjects by specifically focusing the attention on an identified area out of a very broad topic and pay greater attention to it.

Articles in special issues aspires at broadening the scope of GSC online press  journals, by targeting precise topics of interest that highlight the research advancements in this line of work

Conference organizers or conveners can publish paper presented in conference as special issue or in current issue of GRC online press journals.  Journals are having ISSN number and indexed in science databases. 

The conference paper will be published with some concession.

Organizers who are interested in getting full length papers/manuscripts of conference published, kindly submit their content through online submission or you can e-mail us at

For any query or confusion feel free to contact our support team.