Editorial Board


Dr. Chaudhari G. M.
Assistant Professor
Department of Biochemistry,
KCE Society's Moolji Jaitha College,
Jalgaon, Maharashtra (India)


Editorial Board Members (Revised for 2018)    
Dr. Rusu Teodor
Department of Technical and Soil Sciences,
University of Agricultural Sciences
and Veterinary Medicine,
Cluj-Napoca (Romania)
Dr. Pranav Kumar Prabhakar
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Applied Medical sciences,
Lovely Professional University,
Phagwara, Punjab (India)
Dr. Bagath Madiajagan 
Animal Nutrition Division
ICAR:National Institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology, Bangalore,
Karnataka (India)
Dr. Pasquale Russo
Post Doctorate fellow
Department of Science of Agriculture,
Food and Environment,
University of Foggia, Foggia (Italy)
Dr. Ahlam Sundus
Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmacy Practice,
Lahore Pharmacy College,
A Project of Lahore Medical & Dental College
Lahore (Pakistan)
Dr. Gabriel O. Adegoke
Professor and Head
Department of Food Technology,
University of Ibadan,
Ibadan (Nigeria)
Dr. Uttam Kumar Mandal
Associate Professor
Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sci. & Tech.,
Maharaja Ranjeet Singh Punjab Technical University (MSRPTU),
Bhathinda, Punjab (India)
Dr. Nakul Gupta
Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmacology,
College of Pharmacy,
Jazan Univerisity,
Gizan (Saudi Arabia)
​Dr. Yousra Nomier
Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmacology,
College of Pharmacy,
Jazan University,
Gizan (Saudi Arabia)
Dr. R. K. Mathukia
Associate Research Scientist
Department of Agronomy
College of Agriculture
Junagadh Agricultural University, 
Junagadh (India)

Expanding Editorial Board – (2018‐2019)

GSCBPS is committed to have dynamic and potential editorial board. We are currently expanding our editorial board for the year 2018-2019. To act as Editorial Board Members, the active researcher with excellent background in all the subject area falling within our journals scope can Join us.